Turanabol 100tab/10mg




Turanabol 100tab/10mg

Turinabol – is available in tablet form. This is one of the most harmless steroid preparations, the effect of its use does not come quickly, a set of about 3-5 kg of lean muscle mass per month, but after the course the effect of recoil is not observed. Turinabol has a restoring effect, causes a rush of strength and gives a moderate anabolic effect. The drug is suitable for representatives of power sports.

Unlike other anabolic agents, it gives a long-term result, and besides it does not promote the accumulation of water in the body and strengthens the cardiovascular system. The period of disintegration of Turinabol lasts 16 hours, so it should be taken 1-2 times a day.

Turinabol has a very weak aromatic effect, for this reason there is no need for a course to combine it with estrogen inhibitors. After the course, there is no need for restorative therapy, the production of own hormones is restored in a week. This is one of the drugs that is suitable for women due to the low level of androgenic effects. Men to enhance the action can take it and in conjunction with other steroids, Turanabol enhances their effect.


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